John "ThunderHeart"

Energetic Healer    

*Reiki Master/Teacher
*Sound Healing
*Access Consciousness 

 Bars Practitioner
*Certified Angel Card reader
*Shamanic Practitioner      
*Light Body Activator
*Navajo Feather Way 
*Drum Circle Facilitator
for schools, camps, corporations and

*Radio Talk Show Host
**Readings $55 1/2hour,  $95 for 1 hour reading

** Healings start at $110 for 1 hour session

**Shamanic Sessions call for pricing (719)328-9118

About John ThunderHeart


After a life changing vision, and mentoring by George Anderson, John began doing readings for friends and family in the early 1980's and continues this work today doing fairs, private readings and healing at his center called “The Inner Light Center of Colorado”. 

It was not until, in 1990, the Universe presented Catherine Barley, Channel and spiritual facilitator, into his life and taught him to look within through unique meditations did John begin to walk truly on his spiritual path.

“In 1998, I was thrust forward by Spirit to lead a group in guided meditation. The facilitator had left abruptly and I stepped forward and led the group. I stated to friends that it was the first time I actually felt I was an instrument of Spirit with the ability to bring light into people lives. From that day forward I have opened my heart to all who have asked for assistance in their spiritual growth. As time passed the meditations evolved, Spirit gifted me with the ability to move energy and to aid in the healing of all types of imbalances. Whether they be physical, mental or spiritual in nature. 

God (Spirit, The Universe) has gifted me with light and I choose to share this gift with all and continued learning new ways to assist.

I am a 3rddegree Reiki Master/Teacher, Navajo Featherway Master Teacher and also have been trained in Therapeutic Touch, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Contact Reflex Analysis (Kinesiology), and as a Shamanic Practitioner.”

I began his musical career in 2007 while attending a business seminar in British Columbia. I was introduced to the African Drum called the Djembe along with over 200 seminar participants. 

I stated, “We were separated into 3 sections and each section taught different parts to an African rhythm/song. At that time something awoke within me and I couldn’t get enough. After returning home to Colorado I started what is called “Full Moon Drumming Ceremony at Garden of the Gods” with up to 300 participants attending during warm weather. This led to learning to play the Australian aboriginal instrument the Didgeridoo and Native American Flute. 

I use the gift of music in conventional and non-conventional ways. I use it for entertainment purposes at times but mainly for meditation and sound healing. 

I have performed at The Fine Arts Center, Evolve Expo in Denver, Nursing/Retirement Homes, local churches and businesses and private venues as well as Garden of the Gods and Red Rocks Open Space.”

I currently play and record with “Ancient Echoes” CD title’s, “First Song” and “Earth/Sea/Air” and digital album release of “Moving Forward From The Past”(2016)