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John Robinson also known as ThunderHeart, has been involved in spiritual pursuits from an early age. He has been fascinated by world religions and spirituality in all its forms. John had been awakened to his spiritual gifts by George Anderson (AKA Psychic Medium George) of New York. Subject of the books We Don't Die and We Are Not Forgotten. Also Network Television segments on shows such as Unsolved Mysteries etc. John began doing readings for friends and family in the early 1980's. It was not until the Universe presented Catherine Barley, Channel and spiritual facilitator, into his life and taught him to look within through unique meditations did he begin to walk truly on his spiritual path.

 In 1998, I was thrust forward by Spirit to lead a group in guided meditation. The facilitator had left abruptly and John stepped forward and led the group. I stated to friends that it was the first time I actually felt I was an instrument of Spirit with the ability to bring light into people lives. From that day forward I have opened my heart to all who have asked for assistance in their spiritual growth. As time passed the meditations evolved as Spirit gifted me with the ability to move energy and to aid in the healing of all types of imbalances. Whether they be physical, mental or spiritual in nature. God (Spirit, The Universe) has gifted me with light and I choose to share this gift with all.

  •  Certified Angel Card reader
•  Psychic/Medium
•  Access Consciousness, The Bars
  •  Therapeutic Touch, EFT
  •  Reiki Master
  •  Sound healing

     Shamanic Practitioner

Readings        * click on PayPal button and add the price for the desired session length.
                      1/2 hour   $55.00    1 hour  $95.00    1.5 hours $145.00   2 hours  $175.00

Healings          * click on PayPal button and add the price for the desired session length.
                                1 Hour  $110.00    1.5 Hours  $155.00   2 Hours  $200.00



 Upcoming Events

John also has incredible musical talents and performs healing through sound.  
Sacred Sound Music takes us to an alpha state where we can access deep healing. John uses didgeridoos, drums, flutes and more opening the doorway to healing.  To schedule appointments for personal healing or meditation sessions contact John at 719-328-9118.

He also performs concerts and workshops and can be scheduled by going to: ancientechoesllc@gmail.com


Schedule a sound healing concert!  "Transformations Through Sound"

Psychic Awakenings Classes

Many people are awakening to their own spiritual gifts at this time and some already have the gift but believe they're not ready. Let's join together and open up your gift and learn some the different aspects of "Being Psychic", YOU ARE READY!


Day 1's Class: Psychometry 3 hrs. 9-12pm   Saturday  April 22, 2017

Psychometry is the ability to receive impressions and information from both animate and inanimate objects.

This class helps remove the blocks to receive the impressions and gives you a good base of interpreting what you see or feel.

Oracle Cards 3hrs. 1:30-4:30pm   Saturday   April 22, 2017

Oracle cards are becoming one of the most popular means to tapping in to spirit and are often times mistaken for tarot cards. This class will teach you some basic traditional methods of reading the cards but will mainly focus on developing your intuitive aspect of reading the cards and to develop your own symbolisms to give a more in depth reading!

Special Class on The Sacred Pendulum Sunday April 23, 2017   $50

Join us and learn the many uses of the pendulum by tapping into Devine Source Energy.
Class will be held at:

The Inner Light Center       Cost: $50 per class, save and take both Day 1    classes for $80                                  

424 N Corona St.(side entrance)                *add $3 for credit or debit cards.

Colorado Springs, CO 80903                               (719)328-9118

                                  Class is limited to 8 people, so sign up now!

To reserve your spot send a $20 deposit by check made out to the Inner Light Center or call John at (719)328-9118 to use debit/credit.

Please do not wear perfumes or fragrances (Allergy Alert)

*24 hr. notice required for refunds*

 **Psychometry class bring a few small items in an envelope that have significant meaning to you and your family, pictures are ok" **

**Oracle Card class, If you have your own oracle cards you may bring them**